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yPredict Backlink Model is trained on over 100m links to predict exact backlink profile your URL needs to rank for desired keyword. No more guess work, have a precise backlink strategy to rank in no time.

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that you should be targeting for
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of the domains you're
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domains referring to your



yPredict Backlink model is currently free to use in the preview version.

Backlink estimator

Predicted Backlink Count

Our predictive model analyzes various factors and estimates the optimal number of backlinks required for a URL to achieve the coveted top-ranking on Google.

By considering the competitiveness of the desired keyword and the current ranking landscape, we provide valuable insights to help enhance link-building strategies and improve search engine visibility.

Predicted Avg Page Authority

Our predictive model provides valuable insights into the average Page Authority (PA) required for backlinks to propel a URL to the top position on Google.

Leveraging Moz's scoring system, we estimate the optimal PA value that each backlink should possess, empowering website owners to strategically acquire high-quality links.

Backlink estimator
Backlink estimator

Predicted Avg Domain Authority

Harnessing the power of Moz's comprehensive domain evaluation, our predictive model enables users to predict the average Domain Authority (DA) necessary for backlinks to catapult a URL to the pinnacle of Google's search results.

By determining the ideal DA value for each backlink, our model assists in formulating effective link-building strategies.

Predicted Unique Referring Domains

The model also predicts the ideal number of unique referring domains that a URL should aim for to secure the top spot on Google. By diversifying the sources of backlinks, a website can establish a strong online presence and increase its authority.

Our model assists in determining the optimal domain diversity needed for effective search engine optimisation.

Backlink estimator
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It’s poised to become an indispensable tool in my SEO arsenal. With its accurate predictions for backlinks, unique referring domains, and average Page Authority and Domain Authority, it simplifies the optimisation process and saves valuable time.

Sayed Rahman