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Helium (HNT) Price Prediction 2024, 2025-2030


Helium (HNT), the cryptocurrency powering the decentralized Internet of Things (IoT) network, has sparked curiosity about its future value. Will 2024 see a surge, as predicted by some analysts? This article explores potential price trajectories for HNT in the coming years, considering factors like network adoption, competition, and the broader crypto market. We’ll provide Helium (HNT) Price Prediction for 2024, 2025-2030, which might be helpful for investors who are interested in this innovative project.

Overview Helium (HNT) Price Prediction 2024 to 2030

  • As of April 27, 2024, the price of Helium is around $4.14.
  • Helium’s Fear and Greed Index is 61% (Greed)
  • Investing in Helium is ideal when the market value is at an all-time low and selling when it’s more than its average value.
  • The all-time high value of Helium was recorded at $54.88 on Nov 12, 2021.  
  • The all-time low value of Helium was $0.1132 on Apr 18, 2020.  
  • Our prediction for Helium (using the Prophet Method) till the end of 2024 will be the maximum value of $ 12.443953 and may drop to a minimum of $5.219197.      

Helium (HNT) Price Prediction Monthly Price Table 2024


Helium (HNT) Price Prediction Yearly Price Table of 2025-30


What Changes Could Helium Make in the Future?

Here are some of the changes Helium could make in the future.

  • Bridging the Connectivity Gap: Helium aims to provide low-powered, long-range wireless connectivity for various IoT devices. This could be crucial for applications in remote areas or underserved communities where traditional internet infrastructure is lacking.
  • Decentralized Network: Unlike traditional telecom companies, Helium’s network is powered by individuals running Helium hotspots. This could lead to a more democratic and potentially lower-cost way to connect devices.
  • Data Economy for Devices: Helium allows devices to earn HNT tokens to transfer data. This could incentivize users to participate in the network and create a new data economy for connected devices.
Helium (HNT) Price Prediction
Helium (HNT) Price Prediction

Why Helium in 2024?

Here are some reasons why Helium (HNT) crypto might be interesting in 2024:

Potential Price Increase

Some analysts predict a rise in HNT value this year. This could be driven by:

  • Increased adoption of the Helium Network for connecting Internet of Things (IoT) devices. As more devices join the network, demand for HNT tokens (used to incentivize network participants) could rise.
  • Broader market trends in the cryptocurrency space. If the crypto market experiences a bull run in 2024, HNT could benefit alongside other tokens.

Project Developments

  • The Helium project might have critical developments in 2024 that attract investor interest. This could include:
  • New partnerships with major companies that utilize the Helium Network.
  • Significant upgrades to the network’s infrastructure or functionality.
  • Expansion into new markets or applications for the Helium Network.

Shifting Regulatory Landscape

Regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies are constantly evolving. In 2024, changes could impact Helium specifically, making it more attractive to investors.

What is the Future of Helium?

The future of Helium (HNT) crypto hinges on a few key factors:

Network Adoption

Helium’s success lies in its widespread adoption of its network. This means convincing:

Device makers: Manufacturers must integrate Helium compatibility into their IoT devices for the network to grow.

Hotspot operators: Individuals running Helium hotspots earn HNT for participating. A strong incentive structure and ease of use are crucial to attract a large operator base.


  • Established players in the IoT space and other blockchain-based connectivity solutions pose competition to Helium. Helium needs to innovate and demonstrate its value proposition to stand out continuously.


  • As the crypto and IoT landscapes evolve, regulations could significantly impact Helium’s operations. Adaptability and navigating regulatory hurdles will be crucial for Helium’s long-term success.

Market Factors

  • The overall cryptocurrency market significantly influences HNT’s price. A thriving crypto market could benefit Helium, while a downturn could impact its value.

The Use Cases of the Helium

Here are some critical use cases of Helium crypto:

Powering the Helium Network

  • Hotspot Rewards: Individuals or businesses can run Helium hotspots, which act as mini cellular towers for the network. These hotspots earn HNT tokens for providing data transfer and network coverage.
  • Data Transfer Payments: Helium Network devices use HNT tokens to transfer data. This incentivizes hotspot operators to maintain the network and ensures a sustainable economic model.

Decentralized Infrastructure

  • Unlike traditional telecom networks with centralized control, the Helium Network is powered by a distributed network of hotspots. This eliminates the need for a single operator and potentially creates a more democratic and potentially lower-cost way to connect devices.

Enabling New Applications

The Helium Network’s low-power, wide-area connectivity opens doors for various IoT applications, including:

  • Smart city infrastructure: Sensors monitoring traffic flow, air quality, or parking availability.
  • Logistics and asset tracking: Tracking shipments, pallets, or other valuable assets.
  • Wearable devices: Connected fitness trackers or health monitors.
  • Agricultural sensors: Monitoring soil moisture, temperature, or crop health.

Data Economy for Devices

  • By earning HNT for transferring data, devices on the Helium Network can participate in a new data economy. This opens possibilities for innovative applications where devices can exchange data and monetize their information.

Helium (HNT) Monthly Price Prediction for 2024

We predict the maximum value of the Helium (using the Prophet Model) in 2024 may achieve the maximum value of $ 12.443953, and the lower value may reach around $5.219197. The average trading value of Helium will stay around $6.75126. Our monthly price prediction for Helium 2024 is given below. It will help you understand this coin’s value in terms of future investment. 

Helium (HNT) Price Prediction
Helium (HNT) Price Prediction
Helium (HNT) Price Prediction

Helium Price Prediction for May

Our market research team predicts the value of the Helium token in May 2024 will reach the maximum value of $7.928532, and the lower value may be around $5.731062. The average value will touch $ 6.530384.    

Helium Price Prediction for June

We expect the Helium token to reach its highest value of $ 6.064078 in June. It may touch the lower value of $5.455661. The average value will stay around $5.821257.  

Helium Price Prediction for July

According to our research team, the Helium token will reach the highest value of $5.516078 and the lowest value of $ 5.219197 in July. The average value will be around $ 5.353829.  

Helium Price Prediction for August

The prediction of the Helium for August 2024 is that it will have the highest value of $ 7.768723, which may touch down to $ 5.497164. The average value will be around $ 6.862126.    

Helium Price Prediction for September

We predict the HNT value will reach the maximum of $ 7.402422 and may go down to $ 5.703244 in September 2024. The average value will be $ 6.213298.     

Helium Price Prediction for October

For October 2024, our prediction for Helium’s peak value will be around $8.190995, which may be down to $ 5.679223. The average value will be around $6.287184.    

Helium Price Prediction for November

The maximum value of the Helium for November 2024 will be around $12.250005, which may be down to $ 8.561801. The average value will be around $ 10.986076.

Helium Price Prediction for December

Our research team predicts Helium may reach a maximum value of $ 12.443953 and be down to $ 8.683521 by December 2024. The average trading value will be $10.237546.

Methodology: (Prophet)

  • Acquire historical pricing and market data for Helium (HNT USD) from a reliable source such as Yahoo Finance. Ensure that the dataset covers the period from June 08, 2020, to April 17, 2024.
  • Opt for the Prophet model for forecasting. Prophet, developed by Facebook, is a robust time-series forecasting tool known for effectively capturing trends and seasonal patterns in data.
  • Preprocess the dataset to ensure cleanliness and readiness for analysis. Conduct exploratory data analysis (EDA) to uncover underlying patterns, trends, or seasonality.
  • Train the Prophet model on the historical data. Prophet automatically detects seasonality, trends, and holidays, simplifying the process of generating accurate forecasts.
  • Generate forecasts for the future period, extending them up to the desired timeframe. Given the one-year projection requirement, set the forecasting period to 365 days.
  • Segment the forecast outcomes into monthly categories for detailed analysis. This segmentation may involve distinguishing between High, Low, and Average values for each month, providing comprehensive insights into potential price movements.
  • Visualize the forecasted trends using graphical representations such as charts or graphs—visualizations aid in understanding patterns and dynamics within the forecasted data, facilitating interpretation.  

HeliuM (HNT) Price Prediction From 2025-2030

This section will provide market research and analytical data on Helium price predictions from 2025 to 2030. This data is based on the Prophet Method and will help investors look for future data for long-term investment.

Helium (HNT) Price Prediction
Helium (HNT) Price Prediction

Helium Price Prediction 2025

As per our crypto market analysis, the peak value of Helium in 2025 will be around $ 17.631237, which may reach a lower value of $ 10.378419. The average trading value will be $ 12.334778.     

Helium Price Prediction 2026

Our prediction of the Helium crypto token 2026 might surprise you. This year, Helium may reach the highest value of $ 22.722284, and the lower value may be around $ 15.541266. The average trading value will be around $ 17.489737.  

Helium Price Prediction 2027

Our expert’s prediction on the HNT price in 2027 might be unexpected. This year, the Helium coin may touch the highest value of $ 27.895123, and the lower value may be around $ 20.703972. The average trading value will be around $ 22.644965.

Helium Price Prediction 2028

We predict the Helium may reach the maximum value of $ 33.118831 and the lowest value of $ 25.858181 in the 2028 calendar year. The average value will be around $ 27.814651.

Helium Price Prediction 2029

Our market research data expects that the highest value of Helium may reach $38.218514, and it may touch the lowest value of $ 31.008027 in 2029. The average trading value of this coin will be around $ 32.969022.   

Helium Price Prediction 2030

Our research team predicts the maximum HNT coin price will be around $39.653017, and the lower value may be around $ 36.182823 in 2030. The average value will be about $ 37.729849.

Methodology: (Prophet)

  • Our extensive Helium (HNT-USD) dataset, sourced from Yahoo Finance, spans from June 08, 2020, to April 17, 2024, serving as a crucial repository for historical pricing and market analysis.
  • Employing the advanced capabilities of Prophet, we generate accurate forecasts for HNT-USD prices extending to 2030. Prophet identifies intricate patterns within time-series data, making it well-suited for cryptocurrency market forecasting.
  • Our forecasting methodology encompasses 2190 days, providing a comprehensive overview of market trends over six years. This extended duration enables valuable insights into potential price movements and underlying market dynamics.
  • Following forecasting, we categorize our findings into monthly intervals, enabling a closer examination of price dynamics by delineating each month’s High, Low, and Average values.
  • To improve the accessibility and clarity of our forecasts, we employ sophisticated visualization techniques. We offer a holistic view of predicted trends through visually intuitive graphical representations, facilitating pattern recognition and a deeper comprehension of market dynamics to empower data-driven decision-making processes.  

FAQs on Helium Price Prediction

Here we have answered some of the frequently asked questions that might be essential for you, so don’t skip this part.

Q. What about the price of HNT in 2025 and beyond?

Long-term predictions are even more uncertain. HNT’s future value depends on:

  •  Helium’s Success: If Helium establishes itself as a leader in decentralized IoT, HNT’s value could rise significantly by 2030.
  • Market Conditions: The overall crypto market significantly influences HNT’s price. A thriving market could benefit HNT, while a downturn could impact its value.

Q. What are some of the challenges facing Helium’s price growth?

Mainly two challenges Helium could face for its price growth which are like

  • Competition: Established players and blockchain-based solutions could hinder Helium’s network adoption.
  • Regulation: Evolving regulations could restrict Helium’s operations or impact its earning potential.

Q. Do technical indicators suggest anything about HNT’s future price?

Technical analysis (TA) uses past price movements and trading volume to predict future trends. However, TA indicators could be more foolproof. Some analysts might use tools like:

  • Moving Averages: These smooth out price fluctuations to identify potential support and resistance levels.
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI): This measures if HNT is overbought or oversold, potentially indicating price corrections.


Here, we have discussed future projects, possible changes, and price predictions for Helium tokens. Our research says this coin could be a game-changer in the future as its market trend and community is very strong. Overall, this is a potential coin that investors should focus on for profitability regarding investment. If you have any doubts, please ask us in the comment section.