What is Immutable?

The characteristic of blockchain technology that guarantees that once a transaction is registered on the blockchain, it cannot be modified or erased.

What Characterizes a Blockchain Network as Immutable?

Many people associate the blockchain with immutability. This is because the blockchain is essentially an unchangeable database – once data is added to it, it cannot be altered. Every block in the blockchain is identified by a unique hash value that is determined by its content.. As a result, each block can reference the block that came before it, creating a chain. This reference is made by using the hash value of each block.

Comparing Tamper Evident vs Tamper Proof Blockchain: Immutable Blockchain

Usually, even industry enthusiasts misunderstand blockchain immutability. To comprehend the immutability of blockchains, you must understand the distinction between Tamper-Proof and Tamper-Evident.

Tamper Evident:

It means that an object cannot be tampered with without being detected. However, Tamper Evident alone is not enough. Some blockchains in polygon networks claim to be immutable, but they only offer Tamper Evident protection.


When we say something is tamper-proof, it means that it cannot be changed or modified. This tamper-proof feature is crucial for ensuring that the object remains immutable.

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