What is Mining?

The act of creating or earning new cryptocurrency coins through the use of computational power to solve complex mathematical problems.

The process requires a vast network of decentralized computers from various locations worldwide to verify and secure blockchains. These virtual ledgers serve as documentation for cryptocurrency transactions. As a reward for contributing their processing power, the network’s computers receive new coins. This creates a beneficial cycle where miners maintain and secure the blockchain, the blockchain awards coins and these coins provide an incentive for miners to continue maintaining the blockchain.

Techniques for Mining Cryptocurrencies

Solo mining:

The process of mining cryptocurrency independently, without joining a mining pool.

Pool mining: 

This Cryptocurrency mining is done through a technique where several miners join forces to increase their computing power, thus improving their odds of solving a block and getting a reward. The reward is then distributed among the miners based on their contribution to the pool.

Cloud mining: 

The process of mining cryptocurrencies by using remote data centers with shared processing power.

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